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Informative Speech Outline
The territorial dispute of Liancourt Rocks between South Korea and Japan
Purpose Statement
To inform the audience about the Liancourt Rocks and claims of each countries.
Thesis Statement
Since the former president of South Korea visited the Liancourt Rocks, the territorial dispute between South Korea and Japan which broke out in 1954, after World War 2 as Japanese government challenges the sovereignty of Dokdo was on an issue. The territorial dispute is still remain as unresolved tasks but claims of South Korea seems more reasonable.
Historically, Korea and Japan have a hostile relationship due to several wars and colonial policy of Japan on 19th century. National feelings of Korean citizens is also negative toward Japan and the territorial dispute is one of the
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A large amount of methane hydrate is buried and it’s expected to be a clean and main fuel resources in the future.
It’s the crucial fishing grounds that include various kind of fishes that have a high economic value.
Japanese government challenges the sovereignty of the Liancourt rocks.
The Shinema prefecture in 1905.
They declared Dokdo as their country and built the watchtower for the war between Russia.
No language regarding sovereignty over Dokdo in the Peace Treaty after the Second World War.
Refutation of the Korean government that counter the claims of Japanese government Shinema prefecture was a mandatory inclusion that started after invasion with militarism of Japan.
On March 27th 1906 the Korean government knew the fact that Japanese government included Dokdo to their territory but Korean government wasn’t able to protest against it because at that period, Korea has deprived the diplomatic rights by Japanese militarism.
After liberation of Korea, they were able to protest against the declaration of Japanese inclusion of Dokdo so the first president of Korea Syngman Rhee declared that Dokdo is a territory of

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