Informative Speech on Supplements Essay

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Topic: Supplements GP: To inform SP: To inform my audience of supplements. Central Idea: Today I will tell you about the benefits of proper supplements to use when working out, losing weight, and remaining healthy.
Main Points
I. Supplements to use to remain healthy
II. knowing your ingredients
III. Dangers of using dietary supplements
Type of informative speech: Object
Method of organization: Topical Too much of anything is bad for you. I’m sure you have all heard this statement at least once in your lives. This is a very big problem with a lot of people in the world of working out. Incorrect supplementation can lead to severe injury or even in rare cases death. No sports medicine-related subject has received more global
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Sodium replacement is also accomplished by the typical diet except for long, strenuous events and when the temperature is high or when additional electrolytes may be needed. However, salt pills can be dangerous because they can supply excessive sodium too rapidly. Sodium and electrolytes lost through sweating are easily made up with salt in food and by drinking diluted fruit juice. Recent studies indicate that vigorous physical exercise increases oxidative damage to the body due to the generation of free radicals and other reactive types of chemicals. The effects of moderate exercise are less clear. In any event, depletion of antioxidant defenses increases the body's vulnerability to oxidation, therefore, the consumption of sufficient antioxidants is important. Ample vitamin C, vitamin E, trace minerals such as zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese, and sulfur-containing amino acids are keys to maintaining antioxidant defenses. Whether people who exercise at moderate intensity need extra antioxidants is controversial. Endurance training has been shown to deplete vitamin E in subjects consuming a normal diet.

Common stimulants in dietary supplements include caffeine or are very similar to caffeine. Caffeine and related substances suppress appetite and cause increased metabolism, thus causing the body to burn more calories. The increase in metabolism causes the body to produce more heat (thermogenesis). Most of these agents are probably safe in

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