Ill-Fitting Shoes Persuasive Speech

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Take a look at these two pictures, which one you would choose to wear? how about these? Most of you would choose these one's , why? Because they are fashionable. But I would prefer these one's. I used to think like you before but something happened to me recently had really changed the way that I choose my shoes now. Before two weeks I got a phone call from my mother telling me that she had a surgery in her foot because of Pump Bumps, what? yes that exactly was my response. Pump Bump is when a bone grows on your heel sometimes it need a surgery to remove it such in my mother case. Lorraine Jones, from the society of chiropodists and podiatrists said:'' many of us find it hard to resist a bargain and the latest fashion must have, but it is important …show more content…
After looking at the problems caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes(high heels and too tight shoes) we will explore some solutions. let's begin with high heels.
Women wear high heels either to be fashionable or to look taller, Is there any other reason? I dint think so! The society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist found that 37% would wear uncomfortable shoes because they are fashionable.
One of the major problems caused by high heels is what Wendy mentioned in his article: .........Pump Bumps. As I said earlier a bone that grow on the bone because of consonant pressure on the heel.
The problems do not stop her, there are more. Dr. Nevins, an osteopathic Physician from Hollywood said, high heels have also connected to over worked or injured leg muscles, osteoarthritis of the knee and low back pain.(......)
According to Dr. Nevins, when you wear high heels your foot slides forward in your shoe, pressuring your toe to take the unnatural shape of the shoe. The lower part of your body is forced to lean forward and to make balance the upper part of your body must lean backward which will create a posture that can strain your knee, hips and lower

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