Informative Speech On Save Water

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Speech: Save Water For California
Specific Purpose Statement: By the end of my speech my audience will be convinced to save water daily.

Attention Getter: We can live without movies and books, we can live without iphone and computer, we can even live without money, without family and friends, however, we cannot live without water, which is one of the most basic human needs. As we know, California has been experienced water scarcity for long time due to the severe drought, and the state needs everyone to make contribution.

Claim: California is facing a water crisis. If everyone saves water daily, we could ease the crisis to a large extent.
Significance:According to “California cities show biggest water savings yet in drought”
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II. Saving water at campus and at home help ease the crisis. A. Universities and schools can use less water to help ease the crisis. According to “Slow The Flow” published by American School & University from Ebsco Host, “Members of the school community, especially students, can help monitor unintended water waste by reporting leaks around campus, running toilets and faucets, and sprinklers that are spraying onto sidewalks and playgrounds.” Also, “not letting the water run during hand washing” in restroom helps save …show more content…
As Household water use accounts for a great proportion of water use in our daily life, Using water more efficiently at home plays an important role in easing the water scarcity. So how can we save water at home? 1. According to “Every Drop Counts” published by Reeves Journal from Ebsoco Host, “[We] will see the biggest impact when [we] upgrade older fixtures to more efficient products”. For example, we can replace shower head, toilet and faucet with watersense ones which help save water. Beside upgrading old fixtures, according to the same article, “taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet while brushing teeth can [also] help”. 2. Apart from knowing how to save water at home, we also need to know how to save water around our homes. According to “Will There Be Enough?.” published by YES!Magazine from SIRS, “In the western United States, where outdoor watering typically accounts for 50 percent or more of household water use, converting thirsty green lawns into native drought-tolerant landscaping can save a great deal of water.” Also, everyone should follow the Mandatory Sprinkler Irrigation Schedule in California. (Visual

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