Informative Speech On Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery: Aesthetic and Reconstructive

Specific Purpose: To inform you about cosmetic plastic surgery and its growing popularity amongst baby boomers.
Central Idea: I want to inform you about the growing popularity of plastic surgery by explaining to you what it is, what the types of plastic surgery is performed, and the reasons people decide to do the procedure.

I. I am sure we have all heard about plastic surgery before, in fact you have probably heard of some celebrity plastic surgery horror stories, like Lil Kim, Kim Novak, or even Kim Kardashian – okay maybe not Kim Kardashian. But the point is they have all done plastic surgery to improve or change something about themselves.

II. The first description of surgery
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I. Based on a journal written by Marija Pećanac, “Plastic surgery is a medical and surgical specialty which deals with corrections and reconstructions of body parts after injuries, birth or cosmetic defects.” (Pećanac, 199)
A. Plastic surgery has two branches cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
1. Cosmetic surgery has to do with aesthetics which is about improving one’s appearance.
2. Reconstructive surgery is about recovering what was lost after an injury in order to improve one’s function. It may also involve trying to “approximate normal appearance.” (Nordqvist)
a. For example, in the cases of Sudanese women whose genitals have been mutilated for cultural reasons, plastic surgery has become an option to undo the damage caused. These women undergo a surgical procedure in which

Now that we have covered what plastic surgery is, let’s explore the types of plastic surgeries.

II. These days, most people focus on the cosmetic side of plastic surgery and usually receive procedures like nose jobs, tummy tucks, eyelid surgery, and mammoplasties such as breast reduction and breast enlargement- also known as breast augmentation.
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Breast reduction is the opposite where “skin and glandular tissue is removed to make the breasts smaller.” (Nordqvist)
C. There are also other procedures like buttock augmentations and ear surgery that can be done.
To continue, let us discuss the reasons people decide to do the procedure and why it has become so popular amongst baby boomers. III. There are many reasons behind doing plastic surgery.
A. Many people opt for reconstructive surgery after going through a terrible accident that destroyed their skin.
B. It helps to relieve physical discomfort caused by extra body weight.
1. Liposuction and breast augmentation are examples of procedures where body tissue is removed. These procedures can be done for both aesthetic and health reasons.
C. Many are simply unsatisfied with their features due to their age and therefore take a risk doing a cosmetic procedure to improve how they look.
1. Aging women-particularly baby boomers- and men are becoming more concerned about their age.
a. According to a review written by Noreen Khan, “In 2004, 87% of all cosmetic procedures in Canada were carried out on patients between the ages of 35 and 50.”(Khan,

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