Informative Speech On Phobias

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Quest brown
Mrs. Bauch
7 march 2016
Have you ever just took a second and thought why am I scared? Maybe you?ve found why you?re scared but don?t know how to fix it. Well more than likely you have a phobia of some sort. Before you ask yourself what a phobia is it?s an extreme or irrational fear of something. Anyways I?ve been researching five very interesting phobias and id like to share my finds with you to educate you on phobias. First by starting off telling the five phobias and the definitions of each phobia. Then ill proceed to tell you the symptoms and causes of the phobias. After all of that ill tell you the treatments to try to cure or suppress each phobia. I?ve been researching five phobias achluophobia (Ach-luo-phobia),
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Research shows that acrophobia ac?ro?pho?bi?a really doesn?t have any symptoms besides being scared at high altitudes. There can be causes to acrophobia but its normal to see in people and even animals so you could just be born with acrophobia. Aichmophobia (ick-mo-phobia) can limit your life in the way that some of its symptoms are ?being scared to open packages, sewing, arts & crafts, and cooking.?(Fritscher) You may find learning more about this fear and doing more around sharp objects can help you overcome aichmophobia (ick-mo-phobia). Having arachnophobia you can almost guarantee you?ll ?either scream and run or freeze? (Fritscher) when faced with a spider. You may also find yourself ?unable to kill or trap a spider on your own.?(Fritscher) Researchers aren?t sure what causes people to surfer from arachnophobia (a?rach?no?pho?bi?a) yet. Last but no least we have claustrophobia and its symptoms are ?panicking, crying, yelling, shaking, sweating, and trying to get out of the in closed anyway possible.? (Fritscher) Dr. Harold n. Levinson thinks he may have found the cause to some phobias. He thinks he?s been able to track the cause of these …show more content…
Starting with the names and definitions of each phobia. Then telling you the causes and symptoms of each and endings it with the cures and some fun facts on each one. Now that I have told you my knowledge of phobias. Maybe youll find them to be as interesting as I do.
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