Informative Speech On Lake Michigan

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Have you ever been to lake michigan? Well it will feel like it after this experience. I’m going to tell you how much money you need to go there for 3 days, but only one person. You're going to learn about, Natural Resource Environmental impact: consequences short and long term, and Geographical Feature Information, historical and diverse uniqueness of this feature what it is, location. There is a ton of stuff to do there. Like for one you can go on boat rides and other stuff like that. . So come with me. To lake michigan in chicago.

First, Geographical Feature Information: what it is, location, historical and diverse uniqueness of this feature. Lake Michigan, Superior, Huron, Ontario, and lake Erie all make up the largest body of freshwater on Earth. Acroding to, the area of all the Great Lakes is 95,160 square miles. THATS HUGE!! The lakes are on the U.S. and Canada borders. Touching Ontario in Canada and Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York in the United States.
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Small steps are being taken daily all along the Great Lakes, by people and organizations attempting to repair centuries of damage and guard against mounting pressure from industry, population growth, climate change and invasive species.

Third, travel log. So here is all of the stuff you need for this trip.
I staying for 3 days
Budget: $ 1,500
Flight: $99
Food: $72, $24 per day, $8 per meals
Rental car: 171.36, 23.85 per day, 99.55 for one car
Gas: 50.01, 16.67 per day or per fill up.
Souvenir: $4.99
Hotel: $300, 100 per day.
Speed Boat ride: $60 per half hour
Snacks: $20, 1.50 per snack
Zoo: 100
It is 385 miles from here to chicago.
It would take you 4 hours and 15 min.
It comes to be only $1029.36, So I have a lot of money left over

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