Informative Speech On Hawaiian Culture

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Imagine living somewhere where the temperature averages between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius year round, there are beaches and palm trees around every corner and there’s green grass and bright colourful flowers everywhere you look. Today I’m going to be talking to you about the Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian culture has a wide range of interesting topics but the ones that I have chosen to enlighten you on today are the different extreme sports that the people in the culture enjoy, the famous Hula dance, and the food that the people in the culture eat.

Most people have seen and/or heard of a dance called the Hula. Hula dancing is the traditional dance of Hawaii. The movements in the Hula are very smooth and free flowing. According to some, the
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Well in the Hawaiian culture all of these activities are considered sports! In the beginning, surfing wasn’t just a sport that people did for fun; it was used to keep the chiefs of the tribes in good shape. Surfing was also used as a way to solve conflict in and between tribes. By competing in competitions, wealth, pride, and sometimes romance were declared to the winner. In the 18th Century the Caucasian population started to overtake the Hawaiian lands and surfing began to take a decline. By the 19th Century surfing was practically an extinct hobby. In 1915, a man named Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing as a sport to Australia, were it caught on rapidly. With the help of the advances in technology, surfing began to become very popular again even in other cultures. More and more people all over the world were learning about it and becoming very interested. The first official surf competition was in 1928 but the number of competitors was not very large because of the difficulty of the sport. Today there are hundreds of surf competitions around the world yearly with men, women, and children competing to win. The first surfboards were made out of redwood, then balsa and plywood and were heavy and hard to maneuver. Now presently surfboards are made out of Styrofoam, polyurethane and fiberglass and are much lighter and less awkward and bulky to

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