Informative Speech On Depression

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Although my main subject was extremophiles and the extreme environments they live in. Today is going to talk about a different set of people that live in extreme conditions every day. These people may be all around you in your daily life. I’m talking about people with mental illness. I want to introduce two of the more common mental illnesses, anxiety and depression, as well as talk about the stigma associated with mental disorders in general.
The illnesses
Depression a mental illness which causes a person to experience debilitating negative feelings ranging from sadness to hopelessness for an extended period of time. Individuals with depression often describe a wide range of negative feelings which can include: Persistent
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Clinical Depression is when person experiences severe symptoms of depression which interrupt their daily lives individuals may experience many serious depressive periods. Then there is a persistent depressive order which is diagnosed as a depressive episode that last for more than 2 years (5). Psychotic depression is classified as an individual with depression as well as some form of psychosis that may cause persistent delusions or hallucinations. Postpartum Depression. Is when hormonal and physical changes that occur directly after the birth of a child as well as the new responsibility of having a child may feel overwhelming or depressing. Another yet more seasonal based form of depression is seasonal affective disorder which is the onset of depression during the winter months due to a lesser amount of sunlight, but this type of depression usually lifts one the individual gets more sunlight in the spring or summer …show more content…
Stimulants use by a person suffering from anxiety leads to them becoming more attentive, but it may cause indigestion problems as well as make the person unhappy. These drugs also may have an unintended effect of making anxiety worse. Another class of drugs used on anxiety patients are benzodiazepines possess sedative, hypnotic, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant qualities by making the individual express more GABA (6). GABA is made in brain cells from glutamate, and functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter – meaning that it blocks nerve impulses. Antidepressants are also extremely effective in treating anxiety. Usually doctors prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy along with medication to make each more

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