Informative Speech On Child Abuse

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Informative Speech Outline
Signs of Child Abuse Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech my audience will be able to recognize the three most common signs of child abuse and understand how hard is for a child to go through this situation.
Attention Getter: ‘‘Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.’’ This was stated by Dave Pelzer, who is the author of the book ‘‘A Child Called it.’’ Pelzer’s words really mean that children should have a playful and loving childhood. Credibility Statement: As being a witness of a case where a child was being abused, this leads
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In most of these cases, they either stay quiet because of fear, or because they do not have anyone to help them or someone they can trust. Preview: Today, I will explain what are the physical, sexual and emotional signs of child abuse. I will show you fewer examples of how to recognize it by the child’s actions.

I. The article named ‘‘Diseases and conditions: Child Abuse’’ by Mayo Clinic shows the different signs. In order to recognize the physical abuse signs, they said the following:
A. Injuries that do not match with the given explanation.
1. When the child gets home or goes to school with unexplained injuries, might be a sign that they are being abused at home or school.
2. Untreated medical problems: the child takes long to go to the doctor, this happen because their parents do not take them; therefore they don’t get the right medical
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Emotional abuse signs can also be described as Neglect. When the child is being neglect by the parents they start to have: 1) Poor record of school attendance. 2) Taking food or money without permission.

Conclusion Prep for conclusion: Now that I have shared these points with you, I’ll conclude by saying that specific signs and symptoms depend on the type of abuse. Restatement of Thesis: Today we talked about child abuse cases in the United States and showed some examples of it. It was also stated why most of children stay quite in situation like this. Review of Main Points: The ones that we see the most are physically, sexually and emotionally. Bruises and Psychological problems are some of the effects of an abused child. Most of these effects will always be part of a child’s life.
Clincher: Overall, if you ever think about hurting a child’s childhood, I hope you first appreciate the life they have a head of them. Remember that children are the future of our society and we most let their childhood be

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