Informative Speech On Attention Getter For Graduation Rates

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Title: Graduation Rates
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Graduation Rates
Central Idea: Graduation Rates for students at a 4-year institution, Race/Ethnicity based on graduation rate, and College dropouts.

I. Attention Getter (Hook): What if I told you that only 5% of this class will graduate in 4 years.
II. Reveal Topic/Audience Connection: I have done extensive research and came up with the result that Graduation Rates are highly decreasing for the past few years in California.
III. Credibility: According to the National Center for Education Statistics here in California our Graduation Rate decreases and increases from 65% to 91%. Central Idea: As of right now we
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Main Point: Graduation Rates for a Bachelor 's Degree. A. What are the graduation rates for students obtaining a Bachelor 's Degree in California.

1. Support material: In fall 2008 the graduation rate for first-time undergraduate students who were studying for a Bachelor 's degree only 60 percent graduated, and they took 6-years to obtain it according to the U.S Department of Education. Not to mention, the 6-year graduation rate was 57 percent for males and 62 percent for females. 2. Support material: On the other hand, only 33 percent actually graduated in 4-years and received their bachelor 's degree. B. Here in Cal State University San Bernardino our overall graduation rate was 52 percent in 2009 and 2 percent for our transfer-out rate.
Based on the office of institutional research I’ve found statistics that students pursuing a Bachelor 's degree only 9 percent graduated in 4 years, 41 percent in 6 years and 49 percent in 8 years.

With that being said. Now I will inform you about the different race/ethnicity that graduates the
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We have fewer asians in 2013 than we have in 2010. (Transition) In Addition. III. Main Point: Colleges and Universities also obtain a severe amount of dropout rates. A. What is the cause of dropouts? 1. Results show that age, gender, ethnicity, and first-year college GPA are significant predictors of early dropouts. Additionally, the majority of late dropouts do not matriculate at any college after dropping out based on National Student Clearinghouse records.

2. Complete College America (CCA) fundamentally believes that .1) There is a new American majority on campus; (2) Part-time students rarely graduate; (3) Poor students and students of color struggle the most to graduate; (4) Students are taking too many credits and too much time to complete; and (5) Remediation is broken, producing few students who ultimately graduate. B. 1. This includes the part-timers and older students who are struggling to balance jobs and school, the millions who are trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of remediation, and the many first-generation freshmen who too often are left to fend for themselves when they arrive on

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