Informative Speech on Arizona Bill Essay

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Elina Bagga Informative Speech Outline
SP 211 07/19/2010

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the controversy over the Arizona Bill SB1070.

Strategic Order: Topical

Main Points: I. Arizona passed a new law which grants the local police greater authority to check the immigration status of people they stop. II. The controversy is whether the Justice Department, Immigration Advocates, and citizens believe this law is unconstitutional. III. States, elected officials and United States citizens support the new Arizona Bill SB1070.


Everyone look to their left; now look to your right. Chances are one of the students besides you is an immigrant to the
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b. Aaron McLear, a spokesman for Arnold Schwarzenegger, said the governor "does not support the Arizona law" and that "the only real solution is for the federal government to produce a comprehensive immigration policy for the entire country." C. This Arizona Bill on immigration has affected people all throughout the United States. 1. According to a New York Times poll, thirty-six percent say the law goes too far. a. One in two Americans say it is "very likely that the law will lead to police officers detaining people of certain racial or ethnic groups more frequently than other racial or ethnic groups."

(Transition: This bill is not only opposed by many, but is also in favored be many.)

III. States, elected officials and United States citizens support the new Arizona Bill SB1070. A. The majority of Americans support the law and the idea of the states enforcing the immigration laws stricter.( She said I need to change this :/) help me out 1. Supporters of the new law argue that it’s the states right to protect its own citizens from the effects of illegal immigration according to the Grassroots America We the People (GAWTP), a political action committee. a. According to New York Times poll fifty one percent of people believe that the law is on the right path along with nine percent of people who say that the law is not enough to help. B. There are at least nine

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