Informative Speech : My Speech Essay

1768 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
I believe my delivery in this speech seemed to be better than my informative speech. Three specific nonverbal behaviors I noticed in this speech were the use of hand gestures, moving and using gestures, and eye contact. Most of my hand gestures were used in a good way, some were unnecessary but overall they were good. One way I would use them is by pointing at the photos on my visual aid. At 0:10 I pointed to my attention slide with pictures of cats and dogs. Then again at 2:55 I pointed at the photo of the dogs in a cage. I had another picture at 3:20 but I did not point at it. I think pointing to a photo brings more attention to it rather than having it up there without pointing it out verbally or physically. It also shows its important to what I am talking about. I would also use hand gestures whenever I was describing something physical or explaining something. At 0:42 I was talking about wanting to adopt a big dog and I would put my hand out and measure it. Then again when I was talking about the puppy mill conditions and I said something about a small cage at 2:17 I did something to where it was supposed to mimic a box. The gestures were exaggerating, even though it was not intentional, it could or could not have been effective. Another nonverbal behavior was that throughout the speech I would move side to side and I would use hand gestures whenever I was looking or speaking to the audience. In a way, it is distracting if I use gestures too much but I feel I used them…

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