Informative Speech: Lance Armstrong

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October 9th 2013
Formal Outline
Informative Presentation about Lance Armstrong
1. Attention Getter: There’s a moment in almost every one’s life when they learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. For some it’s a stepping stone and for other it’s a moment which leads them into an athletic pathway of worldwide fame, without even knowing about it.
2. Listener Relevance: Almost anyone, if not everyone in this room has ridden a bicycle before sometime in their life.
3. Speaker Credibility: After being on many long road bike experiences myself, I know the feeling of complete exhaustion and wanting to stop because my legs hurt so bad. I have always wondered how professional cyclist can overcome this feeling and train day-in and day-out.
4. Thesis: I am here this morning to inform you about one of the most well known cyclist in the world, Lance Armstrong.
5. Preview: I’m not going to tell you a biography of Armstrong’s life, but rather three important aspects of his career. First I will explain how he had to overcome cancer during his cycling career, secondly how he became such a well known cyclist and lastly his use of illegal drugs to enhance his cycling career.
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Supporting Point #1: Armstrong used banned blood booster or EPO, the illegal use of testosterone, blood transfusions, and utilization of masking agents.
b. Supporting Point #2: When athletes such as Lance Armstrong, use game boosting drugs to help their athletic career, it becomes a big event in history. After his announcement on August of 2012, Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven titles and was forever banned from professional cycling.

Transition: Lance Armstrong had a lot going for him during his victory days, but because of his use of enhancing drugs, he will forever be known as the cyclist who lost it all.
1. Thesis Restatement: Now that I have brought forth some factual history of Lance Armstrong’s life, I hope you understand the story a little more.
2. Main Point Summary: First the understanding of what he had to overcome to become such a well known cyclist, to winning seven consecutive Tour de France races, and finally the downfall of his career, and being stripped of his titles.
3. Clincher: Every professional and non-professional athlete has the ability to use enhancing drugs, but knowing the consequences I hope they will choose otherwise.

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