Informative Speech About Taklamaka

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The Taklamaka is an ancient creature that creeps through the streets of Brazil. Many people claim that he is just a “mythical creature”, but others are sure enough of his repulsive existence. The Taklamaka is a being with no mercy, whoever disturbs him will suffer much physical pain, but most importantly psychological. Every night, whoever is outside their house after 12:00 will have a horrendous encounter with the Taklamaka. If this creature perceives you he will attempt to to devour you, but beware he will do anything to bring the deepest suffering within you. Some people say that he has eaten fingers one by one by one, all in order to watch the excruciating pain in his victim's eyes. It isn’t very hard to tell if the Taklamaka has striked again, he has one of the most disturbing signatures that most …show more content…
Throughout these years this legend is still told because of this signatures. When the victims die of the pain, he will rip of their limbs (both arms and legs) and then reattach them in a random order. to Although if I want to explain the whole story I will need to tell you the story about how the Taklamaka came to be one of the most famous legends.

It was a bright sunny day on earth, but in the infraworld things were not as happy. All of the demons that roamed the Infraworld had never like Taklamka, he was always making the rulers mad and causing extra punishment for all. One day their was a fight between Taklamka and Kikiwakon (Kikiwakon was one of the most powerful demons in the infraworld). This was not a fight like any other. This one was special in a not so pleasant way. They both vowed that whoever won the

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