Informative Speech About Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes is a deadly epidemic all over the world that has serious consequences. Some effects of smoking can include lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, and even death. My case subject has been a cigarette smoker since the age of fifteen. She is African-American and is thirty-three years old. Growing up her parents were smokers, but they were cautious about smoking around her and they eventually quit. Even though she was reluctant about smoking she was the only girl out of 3 older brothers. Older siblings tend to influence the younger siblings and that is what happened to her. They would constantly try to pass her a cigarette or any other substance they would be smoking. Shairta now smokes about a half of a pack a day. She is a cashier at Kroger and is currently in school for medical billing and coding. Raising two daughters is tough but Sharita uses her cigarettes to assist her when she is stressed.

Today on November 20, 2016 at 8:29 pm I will interview the subject and we will work to understand and change her undesired behavior.
Me: When did you first start smoking?
Subject: fifteen
Me: What time of day do you prefer to smoke?
Subject: Anytime i can get one off, but i really love to fire one up when i 'm in the bathtub.
Me: Who introduced you to smoking?
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Considering that my subject was raised around smokers and is now a current smoker is an example of classical conditioning. My subject is the conditioned stimulus. The conditioned stimulus(CS) has a neutral response until it 's paired with an unconditioned stimulus(US). Her smoking parents were the unconditioned stimulus that affected her. Once she was paired with the (US) her responses began to change and her habit appeared. The undesired smoking behavior is now known as the conditioned response due to the frequent pairing between the (US) and

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