Informative Speech About Personality Disorder

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Since forever, many people suffered from different types of psychological disorders, such as depression, bipolarity, PTSD, anorexia, BPD, etc. In this oral, I’ll be talking about personality disorders which is the second most diagnose psychological problem. A lot of us might think that there is only one type of PD, when in reality there are 10 different and they’re regrouped in three distinct categories.

In order to diagnose any personality disorders, there as to be the presence of the four more commonly found features in PD. The first one’s distorted thought patterns, which means that the patient has a cognitive distortions such as black and white thinking, jumping to conclusions or global labelling. The second one’s problematic emotional
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• Finds danger in everyday situations.

➢ Schizoid personality disorder
• Uninterested in close relationship, even family members.
• Feels that relationships tend to cause problems.
• Prefers to stay alone with their thoughts.
• Little interest in life.
• Emotionally cold towards everyone.

➢ Schizotypal personality disorder
• Difficulty having close relationship.
• “Odd” ways to express themselves.
• Think that others can read their thoughts (sixth sense).
• Anxious and paranoid in social situations.

• Emotional and impulsive
Borderline personality disorder (most commonly diagnosed)
• Very changeable personality.
• Mood swings from one extremity to the other.
• Brief psychotic episode such as hearing voice others can’t.
• Do regrettable things impulsively.
• Suicidal and self-destructive tendencies.
• Terrified of being alone.

➢ Histrionic personality disorder
• Needs to be the centre of attention.
• Always have to entertain people.
• Dramatic and overemotional.
• Dependent on the approval of others.
• Easily influenced by others.

➢ Narcissistic personality disorder
• Believes that they are more deserving than others for no special reasons.
• Fragile

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