Informative Speech About Ghost

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Specific purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will feel a chill running down their spine.
Introduction: Good afternoon,
You guys are probably wondering what my speech is going to be about today. Well I started off searching for places on earth where you can’t visit, because it really caught my eye and so did yours, as you previously have known.. (2 seconds pause, to let them rethink of that previous time). So due to curiosity of human nature, we tend to be nosy and hover over mysterious places where it may be haunted and cursed. I myself have experienced a ghost adventure, and let me tell you.. It really freaked me out. It actually was hard night to sleep. So now let me take you into the journey of the 3 most haunted islands on
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He later found a doll floating near here and concluded that it was hers. So from that day on, Don started collecting dolls and hanging them everywhere as a matter of respect to the little girl. No matter how the doll looked, as long as it was repaired.. then it would totally be fine according to Don and the comfort of the little girl. (show pictures of creepy dolls on the island)
Don Julian was like their father, taking care of them and kept them all in one piece. People that pass in the canal hear voices calling, even Don heard voices where the little girl have died, calling him to come in the water. But he never wanted, until one day he was found dead in the same exact spot.
Now it’s said to be that the dolls are possessed by the little girls’ spirit. So the ghost adventure team decided to head there and spends the night over to actually see what really happens. And along, the brought “Harold the Haunted Doll” –which is said to be the most dangerous and haunted doll in the world. Now.. let your eyes see what the mind may not perceive.
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Or whether you’re not going to be able to sleep at night. But this next upgrade will sure make you sleep next to your mothers tonight. It’s believed to be the darkest spots on earth. (

Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

Poveglia Island was home to hundreds and thousands of people with black plague. Crying, begging and kicking not to go there, they would throw them in huge pits and burn them to death (show picture). Later in 1922, the island became a mental hospital where the doctor would torture his patients in an intense way and even take them to the bell tower and this is where he would perform this act.
According to legends, the island was formed from the ashes of burned plague victims, criminals and mental patients who were exiled there. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it. Who would have ever thought that Italy and in specifically Venice could carry such a place. And to add to that, the doctor would wear a bird like mask to avoid becoming sick.(show picture) They would fill the beaks with spices and rose petals, so they wouldn’t have to smell the rotting bodies. A theory during the plague was caused by evil spirits. So the masks were intentionally designed in a creepy way to scare away the

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