Informative Speech : A Speech Essay

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Two people reviewed the informative speech I gave on Thursday, October 15. Both reviewers graded, and scored my speech similarly. According to Joey Betley my highlight was that the video I showed reinforced my information, and was a good idea. For my improvement Joey Betley said to make more eye contact while speaking. I agree with this reviewer I do think that my eye contact was weak, and could have been better. As for the video I thought that it did a good job of explaining how windmills work, and made me more credible, and provided a good visual, and audio aid. According to Evan Klemme the highlight of my speech was that I stayed calm during my speech, and he said for improvement to not use the “you’re probably thinking” quote as much as I did. I also agree with this reviewer when I watched my speaking video I did notice that I sounded repetitive saying the “your probably thinking quote”. Also while watching my speaking video it did seem as though I stayed pretty calm even though I did not feel calm at the time.
My introduction was good, but there are areas where it needs improvement. I thought that my highlight was my attention grabber. In the beginning of my speech I asked the audience to imagine looking at a 398-foot fan. Which grabbed the attention of the audience, and made them want to listen to what I had to say. Clella Iles Jaffe states that there are 9 different ways to gain attention one way is to ask a question, which is would I did. According to Clella Iles…

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