Informative Essay: The Importance Of Miranda Rights

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What are the Miranda Rights and why are they so important? Some people think Miranda Rights aren't that important, but I think they are. Miranda Rights are a big part of the Law. The Miranda Rights are named after a guy that committed the two crimes in 1966. Miranda rights are more than words, and have a big part in the world today which I am going to tell you about later on. Miranda Rights are important because they tell you what rights you have and if you have been accused of anything. People who are being questioned by the police should have their Miranda Rights read to them. I feel that Miranda Rights are important because they help to get out of trouble for something they did or did not do. Now days, it is important for the person being questioned to be told about their Miranda Rights. Also why being questioned, you might want the police to read your Miranda
Rights to you because if the police or the law accused you of something they could read them and see your history of what you have or have not done. These certain rights could help almost anybody. It is important for the people who are being questioned by the police to have their Miranda Rights read to them. People should have the right to remain silent when being questioned by the police. I think it would be rude to interrupt the police while they are
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The Sixth Amendment states that "Everyone has the right to have a attorney when the police are asking questions about a crime". It would be a good thing to have a Lawyer present because they could help you during questioning. Lawyers could most likely defend you in questioning in the questions the police ask. Another reason I think it would be good to have a lawyer is because if you have to go to court for a crime they could defend you then also. This is why I think a Lawyer should be present when the police are questioning

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