Informative Essay: The Greatest Show On Grass

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The Greatest Show on Grass
Over priced beer, rowdy fans, and the constant sound of cheering fills the air. One may think that I am describing a rival NFL playoff game with a packed stadium, but the truth is that the description above is pertaining to a PGA tour event. The loudest hole in golf is located on hole 16 at the TPC Scottsdale Waste Management Phoenix Open. It is a historical hole that is now surrounded by a stadium and that can hold up to 60,000 fans. These fans tend to be of the younger generation and they are known for being loud and obnoxious. The Professional Golf Association is try to restrict the fun that occurs at that hole and I despise the fact that they hurting the game of golf because of these restrictions. The Phoenix Open was
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Throughout the past couple years, the PGA tour has implemented rules that restricts entertainment for patrons who paid money to sit in the bleachers on hole 16. For example, caddies used to be allowed to race to the green after all the players hit their tee shots. The gallery would always place friendly bets on who would win and it brought some entertainment to those who did not particularly like golf. Due to the lack of etiquette and the lack of safety, the PGA tour eliminated these races. Another example of the PGA restricting the fun on hole 16, is the banning of the act of throwing, kicking, or in anyway propelling items into the crowd. Players would bring items such as hats, gloves, and signed objects for the crowd to enjoy. San Diego native Phil Mickelson was known for throwing signed footballs into the crowd because of the tournament being so close to the time that the Super Bowl is played. It is another fun tradition that the PGA tour has taken away and they are slowly “chipping” away at the excitement that has been taking place there for

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