Informative Essay On Women's Basketball

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Emily Morua
Edwardo Pedregon
English 4
April 20, 2016
Morua i
Final Draft

Basketball was invented by a physical education instructor named Dr. James Naismith in the early 1890s. He was challenged to come up with a new game that was able to be played indoors due to the cold weather. Back in the days before the actual basketball was invented, they would play with a soccer ball. The basket didn’t have a hole on the bottom of the rim just yet. So what they had to do was, climb up to the top of the basket, throw the ball back down, climb down, then continue playing.

Women didn’t start playing until a year after the game was invented. In 1892 a female instructor named Sendra Berenson also known as “The Mother Of Women’s Basketball” started
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They have made so much accomplishments. Their all-time record is 1,036 wins with 281 losses. They’re known as their number of wins. Their record is outstanding for women’s basketball. Uconn Huskies are one of the most successful women’s program in the nation! Having a women’s record of four in a row and over forty regular season and tournament championship in 2013 through 2016. They also have the longest winning streak in not only women’s basketball but also in men’s with 90 constant wins. The streak included two of their record six undefeated seasons in 2008 through 2009 and 2009 through …show more content…
The average of an NBA player makes $4.9 million. The highest paid NBA player in 2015 was Kobe Bryant who took home $123.5 million. WNBA players make an average of $72,000. Unlike the NBA players’ salaries cap up to $105,000. That means that the average male basketball player is making more than 68 times what the average female basketball player makes. In my opinion I believe that that is so unfair because they always put us women down. It’s not right for them to treat us women and men unequal. Why not get paid the same amount if we’re playing the same exact game as the

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