Informative Essay On Vaccination

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A common debate in society today is vaccinations. Weather or not to get a child vaccinated has become a major topic on the playground. Parents have a choice and with that choice they have two very informative reliable sides to choose from. Each side of this debate has facts and sufficient evidence to support their side. With that being said it is necessary to look at each side carefully because there is no middle ground on this debate. There is to get vaccinated or not.
This debate has not always been around. The first vaccination was made in 1796 to save millions of lives from a disease that grew in a world that has changed dramatically. The life that is lived in today’s world is not like any other; there are many things that have changed
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Research done by the United States National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health shows that there is a correlation between the number of vaccinations an infant receives and the IMR, but not the correlation that is excepted. The United States raked 33rd in IMR because every country above the United States receives less vaccination in the first year. Research done by David Gorski (2011) conveys that the information that purposed this observed correlation is to fit the situation. He goes on to poke fun at such a spurious correlation by using unrelated information and finding correlations between them. Such as the rise in global warming and the number of …show more content…
Vaccinations clearly state potential side effects on their labels stating unimaginable things like anaphylactic reactions, autism, brain dysfunction, and even death. For this reason people that choose not to get vaccinated do not have to debate what is written on the label. The facts are clearly stated by the companies that make them. Neil Millar and Gary Goldman (2011) address is it a risk worth the reward? The thing is, for the same reason the people for vaccination understand these side effects and argue that, that is exactly what they are “potential” side effects that may accrue. Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition (2010) coveys Vaccinations have potential side affect but incurable diseases only lead to death. Is the risk worth the reward? Ironically both side state the same thing for complete different reason. Each side strongly believes what they see even though they read the same things they see what they want to see.
The world has revolutionized, evolved, and improved in so many ways. This sentence can be interrupted two different ways. To a person that does not vaccinated they interrupted that the improvement to the world is a new era that has surpassed the invention of the vaccines over 50decades ago. For those that choose to vaccinate the improvement of modern medicine over the years provides them with clarity that vaccination not only protected us then but also will protect us

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