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No homestead is really complete without a cow or three. Cows serve a few different important purposes on the homestead. Not only do they provide milk, which can then be used to make cheese, yogurt and a number of other dairy items, but cows provide much-needed meat products for the homestead family as well. Of course, there are a large number of different cow breeds, so how is the new homesteader to know which is the best dairy cow breeds? My favorite types of cows for dairy products are as follows:


Holsteins are one of the most common breeds of cow found in dairy farms, for one important reason: they tend to produce more milk than any of the other breeds. They’re easy to spot, due to their black and white patchwork colorings. Although
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They are a medium sized breed that usually weigh well over 1,200 pounds by the time they’ve matured. What makes the Ayrshire perfect for homesteaders is that they do well when they’re allowed to roam a pasture, although when the pastures are poor they’ll need grain to keep them well-fed. During testing it was shown that a single Ayrshire can produce up to 17,000 pounds of milk and 700 pounds of butterfat.

Brown Swiss

Originating in Switzerland (hence the name), the Brown Swiss is easy to recognize by the brown (sometimes gray) fur and large fuzzy ears. They’re very gentle in nature, making them a good choice for homesteads with children. This breed is well-known for it’s milk, which has the perfect fat-to-protein ratio for making cheese. A single cow can produce over 22,000 pounds of milk, about 750 pounds of protein and almost 1,000 pounds of fat.

Although these five breeds are the top choices for the best dairy cow breeds for a homestead, there are, of course, many other options. If you have a cattle auction nearby, take a trip and see what they have to offer. You may get lucky and find yourself with your very own dairy

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