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Informative Synthesis on Millennials
Nicholas, Arlene J; Stapleton, Wen, Starrett, & Kilburn and Wilson, Maureen offer a variety of opinions on Millennials, who they are, their vast knowledge on technology and online courses and the importance of receiving timely feedback. The opinions of these authors vary and at times contradict each due to some of the surveys that were conducted, they agree on other subjects even though their papers have nothing to do with each other. The reader will read and be able to understand who the Millennials are, how they are viewed by each author, how they utilize technology, and whether they prefer to do online courses and the importance of timely Feedback.
Millennials, who are they?
When it comes to the Millennial generation, many people have different opinions on who they are, their overprotective upbringing, and their future expectations. According to Arlene E. Nicholas author of Preferred Learning Methods of the Millennial generation, believes that Millennials “who have been called entitled and empowered due to their inclusion in decision making since childhood” because of how they were raised by overprotective parents. They have a short attention span due to their parents’ obsession on keeping them occupied and planning every minute of their day. Millennial were reared in an environment surrounded by technology gadgets, have learned how to use them and can no longer live without them. The Millennials’ short attention span is due to their…

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