Informational Interview With Kelly Galanis Essay

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Informational Interview with Kelly Galanis
Some know her as the “Red-Headed Diva,” others may know her as an adjunct professor for the Communication Department on campus. Others may have seen her in passing at some point around campus. Kelly Galanis is jack of many trades and is a great example of exploration within the field of communication.
I found Kelly using LinkedIn one evening. Junior Delgado of the career center had shared one of her latest posts about a job opportunity on campus. Westfield State Univestiy Department of Advancement Alumni and University Relations had a job posting for an Annual Giving Coordinator. Due to my interest in fundraising, I clicked on the link to get further detail. After reading the job description, I went back to Kelly’s LinkedIn profile. I wanted to know more about her career and her time at Westfield State Universty. Needless to say, I spent the next thirty minutes looking at her profile. She had the longest LinkedIn page I’ve seen yet. Many aspects of her career caught my eye, but the one I was most interested in was her consulting work. I originally sent Kelly an email and she did not reply. However, she was at the Henry Wefing Golf Touranment where I was volunteering. I spoke with her then and we set up a time and date to meet.
Kelly works in the Foundations office above the Tavern Restaurarnt. However, I met Kelly at Wilson café on October, 14th. I offered to meet her in the office but she was doing work on campus that day for the…

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