Essay on Information The Hipaa Breach Of Public Affairs Office

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ISO, PO, and Regional Counsel.

1. Draft local releases to include all information the HIPAA Breach
2. Consider the prospect of having their regional OPIA staff as a resource.
3. Give draft release to facility PO, who will send it to OIT’s Incident Resolution
4. Service. When the news release has been approved and sent out, give a copy to the facility PO and identify the media outlet(s), to which it was sent.
Public Affairs Office (PAOs): Follow Up

• When contacted by the news media, be prepared to say what the facility has done or is about to do to prevent a recurrence.
Procedures: Input/output controls are mechanisms intended to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. Unauthorized access to documents containing sensitive data could seriously jeopardize the ability of the overall IT infrastructure to manage risks effectively. The facility maintains procedures for handling, transmitting, and storing sensitive information. In particular, sensitive data personnel information, veterans’ PII, and PHI must be protected from unauthorized disclosure, modification, and destruction. All VA staff must have written authorization from their supervisor, with ISO concurrence, if they transport, transmit, access, and VA sensitive information outside of VA facilities.

MP – 1 Media Protection Policy and Procedures – It controls storage, handling and destroy VA information media are required by VA Directive and Handbook 6500 to ensure compliance with FISMA.…

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