Digita Insider File Deletion Case Study

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Information technology has revolutionized virtually all aspects of human life. From communication to entertainment, all human endeavors have been affected by information technology. Whereas the benefits of information technology must be recognized, it is important to mention the challenges that it presents. Individuals and organizations rely on information technology for such issues as communication. Despite instituting measures to ensure data security, breaches usually occur. Left unaddressed, these breaches could devastate any organization. For instance, Yahoo recently reported that a security breach had allowed hackers to obtain the personal details of millions of users (Moritz & Womack, 2016). Investor panic was the result of this breach. The case of Yahoo underscores the need for organizations to dedicate all their efforts to securing their systems. Digital forensics investigation is one of the tools available to individuals and organizations which desire to secure their systems. Basically, digital forensics investigation involves examining …show more content…
Insider file deletion is a threat to cyber security since it is carried out by trusted people who understand the vulnerabilities of systems (Chan et al., 2012). The key to tackling this deletion is tracing it back to the perpetrator. It is advised that system administrators should move with speed to identify those responsible for the deletion (Chan et al., 2012). Social media data could provide insights which can be used to identify the responsible party. Suppose that the perpetrator used credentials that can be linked to their social media account. An investigator can exploit this link to identify the perpetrator. Investigators can also rely on network logs to identify incidences of insider file deletion. These logs serve as records of activities carried out on a

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