Essay Information Technology Strategic Plan

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Information Technology Strategic Plan
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March 10, 2015

This article is focused on the format of a Business Plan strategy. It provides an overview of the company, financial, and other aspects of the business plan. The main components of business plan are: executive summary, company, products and services, market, strategy and implementation, financial plan, and financial plan. This article will show the plan for a successful corporate finance strategy, corporate finance and strategy functions that will work together and illustrate how to create shareholder value.

Keywords: Writing Business Plans, SWOT analysis, Strategy plans, financial
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226). A business plan starts with a summary that outlines the company’s status and where it wants to go. The following will start with an executive summary.

Executive Summary
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Grant Kelly and Thornton Security (GKT) develops and commercializes cyber security software/hardware to consumers. The unique easy to use platform and innovative solution packages, backed by five million dollars in R&D (resource and development) since its inception, is a leader in the cyber security market. GKT is an ambitious innovative mid-sized company that desires to turn the security software business on its head. The mission of GKT is to help safeguard public’s private information, provide an easy to understand security platforms and reliable, non-offshore technical assistance to consumers.

Company With a consulting heritage that’s above the rest, our teams will work together to explore the possibilities of technology, engineering, and the human experience. Our vision is to be the absolute best management and technology consulting and manufacturing firm measured by the value we deliver to our clients and our focus on the personal touch with every client. We also aspire to be the employer of choice in our industry for people of all backgrounds. Clinging to principles and values are timeless. For 20 years, Grant Kelly & Thornton (GKT) has embraced

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