Information Technology Plan For Newcastle 's Hospital Essay

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First we need to ensure that the information technology plan is going to align with the plans of Newcastle’s Hospital. The formulation will involve the ED affirming that their goals are to provide a higher quality of care. Corresponding the strategic organizational objective of “Getting better every day,” involves the overall improvement and patient safety provided at the hospital. The information system can enable the hospital to manage better patient care, allow for test results, and radiology report to be received faster and documented within the patient 's record. “Satisfying patients and staff,” by providing a better quality of care and making sure our employees can do this with ease. Reducing the hours of ED wait times and developing quality standards so ED performance can be evaluated against it. “Supporting ourselves,” by showing the cost savings that this information system can bring to our facility by allowing more effective and efficient patient interactions in the ED. Implementation will involve the actual structure such as determining the information system to improve the quality of care by adding CPOE, using charting that will provide a systematic, universal format that can be easily transferred from department to department. The data center would better benefit the hospital if it was on site along with IT staff. Updating the current IT infrastructure situation to allow one comprehensive IT vendor to supplement all the IT needs, and enabling IT staff to…

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