Essay on Information Technology On Business And Society : Section 01

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Joseph Onwughalu
Information Technology in Business & Society: Section 01
Professor John Horton
Individual Writing Assignment
Venture: PicoBrew
1. (10 pts) Succinctly describe your venture, the product and its purpose.
PicoBrew is a company that exists to give consumers of beer the opportunity to brew their own beer. PicoBrew creates more efficient brewing for inexperienced brewers by streamlining the process of brewery at home. Brewing at home is often difficult as there is a lot of allotted time for it and it’s becoming increasingly expensive. Also when brewing from the start, one would need capital such as fermenter and brewing stations and equipment, including raw materials such as wheat. The consumer needs to learn the craft and wait for fermentation. PicoBrew eliminates the lead time, costs and the difficulty associated with brewing.

2. (15 pts) Research the venture’s business strategy. How does it operate? What are the short-run/ long-run goals?
PicoBrew utilizes its website as a medium for communication. Homebrewers engage with one another on this platform to send original or well-known recipes to PicoBrew machines. The collection and database of recipes on the website is accessible to all members. The online recipes are crowd sourced as anyone can submit a recipe. This saves PicoBrew the few costs that come with creating your own recipes. The online marketplace/store is dedicated to recipes from microbreweries through the website. Consumers purchase these recipes…

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