Information Technology In Airline Industry

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In Modern world information technology is booming. Information technologies have modernized the entire business world. Information technology makes important changes in the use of technology in business. Information technology provides powerful tools for industries. Airline industry were adopted the technology earlier than any other industry. Travel agency and airline companies use waste range of technologies. The internet is the main thing which allows them to make demonstration and competencies with their customers. Information system gives all support to the organization for whole functions. By the online web based system customers enjoyed directly with airline and take the benefit of lower rates. Information technology allows
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Information technology system assists a lot of functions including reservation management, inventory management, and ticketing. Airline Company has a number of branches and distributors among globally, so they should require efficient communication between different branches and distributors. Good information technology systems assist them to maintain these functionalities all around the world. For smooth functioning airline company uses wide range of internal system for various activities. Lots of management and decision support system helps the airlines to reduce the critical errors in the process management. Several software systems are using to optimize crew, aircrafts and other resources by …show more content…
Information technology is the vital part of all enterprises in the modern world. Normally the IT department of an airline company saving its customers by the web based system. Various business purpose of Airline Company is managed by around 400 IT applications all over the world.
Information technology architecture is the high level plan of the information within the organization. It guides current operations and future plan also. It architecture integrates the business needs of the entire organization.
Etihad use computer reservation system and they are interfaced with GDSs and with the airline web platform. These ensure the issuance of electronic ticket in worldwide. The application system used by the airline company supports the administration, accounting, passenger or cargo handling, sales and marketing ticketing and departure control systems. Airline Company uses decision support system to monitor booking on computer reservation system. Information technology plays a vital role in the strategies management of the Etihad airlines. Information technology will enable airline to establish global networks and to serve the customers

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