Information Technology Has Come A Long Way Developing Modern Information Systems

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Information technology has come a long way developing modern information systems. Telemedicine is one of the areas within the healthcare organizations in which healthcare providers can remotely serve people in the remote areas using advanced telecommunication technology.
The purpose of teleconsultation to obtain the professional opinion of a healthcare provider who is not physically present at the location where the patient and/or his primary healthcare provider are.
The main advantage of teleconsultation is that it saves time and money by avoiding the need for travel. It also plays an invaluable role in critical care situations when travelling to the care provider is not possible. Using teleconsultation, patients can get services from the specialists.
It requires a high speed internet, and any technical issue in the telecommunication might be a big challenge. The lack of knowledge about telemedicine can be a big barrier in the implementation of teleconsultation and get advantage of it.
It is considered to be a way of delivering pharmaceutical products and care by the means of telecommunication to different patients.
Followings are some Advantages of Telepharmacy
- Pharmacists uses computers to fill prescriptions for patients, who otherwise would have to drive a long distance to the nearest drug store.
- It allows druggist and patient connect via video that lets them chat as if face to face.
- One pharmacist can telecommute to many locations.

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