Information Technology for Managers Essay

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Module VI E-Business and E-Commerce E-Business Model
– – – – – – – The Storefront Model The Auction Model The Portal Model The Name-Your-Price Model The Comparison Pricing Model The Demand Sensitive Pricing model The B2B Exchange Model

The storefront Model • Storefront model enables merchants to sell products on the Web – Transaction processing, security, online payment, information storage • E-commerce allows companies to conduct business 24-by-7, all day everyday, worldwide • An e-commerce storefront should include: – Online catalog of products – Order processing – Secure payment – Timely order fulfillment The Auction Model • Online auction sites – Act as forums through which Internet users can log-on and assume the role of either
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Whether a huge retail Web portal like or a small specialty Web retailer, the primary focus of such e-tailers is to develop, operate, and manage their Web sites so they become high-priority destinations for consumers who will repeatedly choose to go there to buy products and services. Thus, these Web sites must be able to demonstrate the key factors for e-commerce success that we have just covered. In this section, let’s discuss the essential Web store requirements that you would have to implement to support a successful retail business on the Web, as summarized and illustrated in below table.

Developing a Web Store Before you can launch your own retail store on the Internet, you must build an e-commerce Web site. Many companies use simple Web site design software tools and predesigned templates provided by their Web site hosting service to construct their Web retail store. That includes building your Web storefront and product catalog Web pages, as well as tools to provide shopping cart features, process orders, handle credit card payments, and so forth. Of course, larger companies can use their own software developers or hire an outside Web site development contractor to build a custom-designed e-commerce site. Also, like most companies, you can contract with

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