Information Technology and Internal Marketing in Providence Solutions Pte Ltd

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Information Technology and Internal Marketing in Providence Solutions Pte Ltd

Internal marketing has fast become a priority activity within many organizations as companies engage in a race towards the development of unique, sustainable sources of competitive advantage. For many companies, internal marketing is seen as a “solution to the problem of delivering consistently high service quality” (Ahmed and Rafiq xiii), wherein internal marketing activities are designed to align employee actions and behaviors with the values and desired image of the organization, potentially eliminating the costs of business lost due to bad or unsatisfactory employee interactions with customers. The concept of internal marketing was first introduced by
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in closing sales and providing aftersales support to customers), little interest has been devoted by managers on how it can be harnessed to aid and complement the internal marketing activities of a company. Scholars, however, point out how information technology tools play an important role in strengthening a culture of learning and employee empowerment through timely and relevant knowledge and information sharing across all levels of the organization. In a study of HCL, an Indian IT company, for instance, author Mohini Singh notes that information and communication technologies can be used to support the implementation of the business-to-employee (B2E) framework, thereby increasing a company’s ability to support the development of well-informed, highly productive human resources. In a sense, IT can be utilized in internal marketing in the same manner that it is utilized by many companies today in “establishing durable relationships with customers” in direct and indirect ways, that is, “by establishing effective direct interfaces” and “by enhancing the performance of various boundary-spanning roles found throughout the organization” (Trainor, et. al. 3). In particular, multinational companies such as Providence Solutions can utilize IT for improving aspects of communications, training, and collaboration in the process of implementing the organization’s internal marketing program.

A. Communications The potential

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