Information Systems Essay

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Information Systems and Software Applications
BIS/219 2010

Information Systems and Software Applications
The use of information technology (IT) is vital to the success of any organization. Businesses need to create a strategy that not only involves a business plan and organizational structure, but also include information systems (IS) as part of that strategy. Information systems provide an organization the means to gather, analyze, share, and manage data; in addition they improve communication among departments, personnel, suppliers, and customers. These systems provide a link between all operations of an organization and the applications needed to operate. Organizations generally consist of different
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Information systems allow the finance department to create an e-commerce web portal for suppliers, provide an online financial portfolio for shareholders, monitor changes in global markets, and gather information that supports financial decisions.
The marketing department of an organization can use software applications that provide consumers and businesses information about their products, distribution, advertising, and pricing. Other applications can be used to perform market analysis and research, which aids management in developing strategies to solve marketing problems. Marketing’s goal is to acquire and retain customers, so to accomplish this they use customer relationship management software. This software builds a client profile consisting of the marketing used, the initial lead data, products sold, and any ongoing follow up or support. The Internet is a key component for any marketing department; as businesses and consumers can easily research and compare prices online. So marketing will use their information system to provide a distinct portal between online marketing of business-to-business and business-to-consumer; both needing different marketing strategies.
Information systems and software applications will vary for all organizations depending on the type of operation and product

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