Information Systems Proposal Essay

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Information Systems Proposal
Daniel Metzgar
June 20, 2011
Bud Stinson


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Data Information Systems 3 Introduction 3 Executive Dashboard ______________________________________________________________ 3 Transaction Processing System ______________________________________________________ 4 Office Automation System _________________________________________________________ 4 Image 1.1 _______________________________________________________________________ 3 Table 1.1 5

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Below is an example of what an executive dashboard might look like:

Image 1.1 Executive Dashboard (, 2011)

There are many advantages to this type of information system. The main advantage is that it can be customized to create any report we may need to make decisions. A disadvantage is that it is not a system that can be used easily to process a customer sale. The information will have to be manually added by the salesperson which could be time consuming. This could cause losses in sales.

A transaction processing system is a system that allows the salesperson to electronically record the sale of a record and this information can be used to track inventory and individual product preferences. It will allow the store to immediately see what types of records are being sold and when to reorder a certain type of music or even an individual artist. Transaction processors are easy to use and can make inventory and tracking cash simple. A disadvantage to this is that it may not create versatile reports and it may be necessary to hire on an IT person to manage the system. A point of sale register is one example of this type of system.

An office automation system is exactly as its name describes. It creates an electronic office environment, eliminating the need for excessive paperwork. The advantages of this type of system is

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