Essay on Information Systems : Database Management System

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Big Data
BIS 601: Information Systems

Database is nothing but an organized collection of information which is enfolded in a computer, especially it is the one that is approachable in many different ways. A database is well constructed in such a way that it is good designed computer program which can quickly choose the required collection of data. A database is nothing but which is been organized by fields, records and files, a field is a solitary piece of information and record is one entire collection of fields and a file is collection or gathering of records. In order to attain data from a database you definitely need to have Database Management System. A database a collection of data where it is organized in a systematic way in order to produce effective retrieval and here the collected information can be in any required format. It can even be as simple as an alphabetical presentation of names in a phone book. A database can easily be attained or approached, controlled and updated. Normally databases contain the information about sales transactions and customer profiles. A database generally refers to the corresponding data and the way it is been constructed and structured. It provides several functions that permits management of database like generating, reshaping, displacement and construction of data and even modernizes, develops, loads and deletes the data as per the requirement basically databases are used to support internal workings of organizations and…

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