Information Systems Complete Discussion Questions 1-2 Critical Thinking Questions 1-2

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Complete discussion questions 1-2 and critical thinking questions 1-2
Complete Discussion Questions 1 – 2
1. When UP first acquired Big Iron, what services did the system provide that gave UP a competitive advantage?
Up was among the first to acquire Big Iron. The railroad used the mainframe to roll out one of the earliest transaction processing systems. UP was also the first railroad to develop a computerized car-scheduling system. Because it could efficiently schedule railroad car pickups and deliveries, the scheduling system gave UP a competitive advantage.
2. Why does UP feel that now if the time to replace its Big Iron system?
UP was one of many that was retiring Big Iron, IBM has recently suffered a 40 percent drop in mainframe
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The company needed to find exisiting software that met its needs, and couldn’t. They then developed their own software that the systems will run on the new servers.
Chapter 4 Review Questions 1-8 (page 179)
1. What is the difference between system software and application software? Give four examples of personal productivity software.
System software is the set of programs that coordinates the activities and functions of the hardware and other programs throughout the computer system. Application software consists of programs that help users solve particular computing problems.
Four examples of personal productivity software:
 Microsoft Project Management 2010
 Microsoft Excel 2010
 Microsoft Word 2010
 Visual Studio 2010
2. What steps can a user take to correct software bugs?
 Register all software so that you receive bug alerts, fixes, and patches.
 Check the manual or read-me files for solutions to known problems.
 Access the support area of the manufacture’s Web site for patches.
 Install the latest software updates.
 Before reporting a bug, make sure that you can re-create the circumstances under which it occurs.
 After you re-create the bug, call the man manufacture’s tech support line.
 Consider waiting before buying the latest release of software to give the vendor a chance to discover and remove bugs.
3. Identify and briefly discuss two types of user interfaces provided by an operating

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