Information Systems And Information System Essay

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Overview of Information Systems Implemented

Information System
Information System is a set of system and HR that present basic depot, computing, sharing and communion facilitate organization to reach their ambition and objective. The Information system grants connection for organize and splitting knowledge and data to gain the efficiency in return and production of the organization. Leading an information system within an organization is a challenging task due to many circumstance. It is the important key element in a successful organization.

Information System in World Bank
Oracle is being used as base for the World Bank’s record included information system. This is the store for all of bank’s authorized records, reports, audio, emails and video. World Bank searching database scalability using by Oracle. The main aspect in managing with a huge population of customers around the world as well as obtainability, presentation and security. Oracle can also dealing with multimedia data.
World Bank has own control panel that enables to way in to SAP and Oracle information on the web and keep informed main business metrics.

In 2002, the bank began soliciting RFPs for a solution that would enable it to better organize and retrieve the millions of documents, many of them going back almost 60 years and written in dozens of languages, stored within its global repository. In effect, this would serve as the business intelligence solution for the bank 's global knowledge sharing…

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