Information Systems : An Integral Aspect Of Our Lives Today Essay

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Information Systems (IS) have become an integral aspect of our lives today. They are the backbone of most organizations and their use has become a necessity. They play a prominent role in every sector including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, education, and many others. From the early days of using a machine for computing and accounting purposes, these systems have come a long way. They have evolved into comprehensive, complex structures which encompass a variety of tools and technologies which cater to the diverse functions of the entire organization. The invention of newer data and communication technologies over the millennia, led to a profound revolution in the ability to store, process, disseminate, and apply information. Correspondingly, Information Systems underwent an evolutionary change which impacted deeper changes in business organizations and our lives.
An Information System can be thought of as a system which processes and manages information. However, this is a very general and broad definition and interpreted in different ways. Various definitions of IS have emerged over the years. However, the one which describes present day Information Systems most fittingly is by Bernus and Schmidt (2013) who define IS as a system for collecting, processing, storing, retrieving, and distributing information within the enterprise and between the enterprise and its environment. *** Should more definitions be included here ?****

Designing and developing an IS…

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