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|British Airways (BA) is the UK’s largest international scheduled airline and amongst the world’s|
|leading global premium airline |
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Through literature we found out, that British Airways (2009) is amongst the busiest premium international airlines worldwide, BA operates mainly from Heathrow, London city and Gatwick airports and flies over 35million people to more than 300 cities and freights an average of 700,000 tonnes of cargo each year.

According to British Airways (2009) annual report, BA’s air cargo business, in conjunction with its scheduled passenger services operate under the licence governed by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA). Since its establishment, BA has progressed over the past decades and is still striving to dominate the air transport business worldwide.

BA meets its targets by making decisions, which are categorised into three levels:-

British Airways (2009) strategic goal is to become the world‘s leading global airline. Stair and Reynolds (2008) explains that, to achieve this, the management must set objectives, which are accomplished through rigorous decision-making, planning and control. And the use of information systems to show its presence in key global cities; improve employee relationship; to deliver outstanding customer services, invest on training and development, performance, opportunities, excellence and partnership(British Airways,2009)

Managers in British Airways need the support of information systems to facilitate: •

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