Information System Briefing Essay

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Information System Briefing
Choosing an effective IT system can prove to be a challenge for anyone. This is especially true in a pharmacy setting. Not only will this system have to comply to HIPAA privacy policies, it will have to both convenient and accurate. Process of selection
The first step in this task would be to form two committees. One would be responsible for overseeing the process, helping to provide guidance on specific policies that may be required and being responsible for allocating expenditures along with finalizing or making major decisions. The other committee would be responsible for determining the need for the system, based on the company’s goals and mission statement. This team is also responsible for the
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A doctors office on the other may only focus on an IT system that supports electronic health records. ( The MITRE Corporation, 2006)
Stakeholders roles In a pharmacy setting the Pharmacist, Pharmacist technician and patients would represent the stakeholders. Each group will have a specific duty in the implementation of a new IT system. In a privately owned pharmacy the Pharmacist is responsible for training the Pharmacy technician in the proper usage of the new system. He is also responsible for following up with the technicians to be sure they are fully comprehending their new roles. The Pharmacy Technicians role is to input information from the costumer accurately. They have to be extremely cautious to enter PHI information correctly or delays in payment could result. One of their most important roles is to ask the pharmacist questions if there is any part of this new system they don’t understand. The patients are responsible for providing accurate information and providing feedback on their thoughts on how they feel the changeover is progressing. The implication of any new IT system can be a very challenging task with all the personal involved. However, if the proper steps are taken, goals are met and stakeholders trained well, then the changeover will be smooth.

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