Information Security : The Protection Of Information Digitally And Physically

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Information security, also known as Infosec, It the protection of information digitally and physically. Information security is planning, manage processes, and policies to prevent and detect threats. To put this together Target tech says” Information security (infosec) is a set of strategies for managing the processes, tools, and policies necessary to prevent, detect, document and counter threats to digital and non-digital information.”(.infosec) This basically means making sure only people who are authorized have access to certain information. Everyday business, schools, and hospitals use technology or ideas in this area. You never want information getting in the wrong hands. When it does it can be a catastrophe and can cause millions of people’s information to be comprised.
In the 21st-century information, security is getting more advanced. Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. As technology gets involved, Infosec turns more into IT security. For example, hospitals use bioinformatics programs, business use emails and encrypted files, schools have large computer networks. Each one of these networks and systems carries personal and business information of thousands of people. Each business implement encryptions, and firewalls.They use many steps to try and prevent breaches because protecting this information is vital to any business.
Just because you are not a business doesn’t mean this does not this has nothing to do with you.…

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