Essay on Information Security And Information Systems

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Information security refers to all of the processes and policies designed to protect an organization’s information and information system from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption modification, or destruction. It is a general term that can be used regardless of the form the data may take. As of information security, people usually divided it into two parts, which are the IT security and information assurance.

Sometimes referred to as computer security, information technology security is information security applied to technology which most often some form of computer system. It is worthwhile to note that a computer does not necessarily mean a home desktop. A computer is any device with a processor and some memory. Such devices can range from non-networked standalone devices as simple as calculators, to networked mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. IT security specialists are almost always found in any major enterprise/establishment due to the nature and value of the data within larger businesses. They are responsible for keeping all of the technology within the company secure from malicious cyber attacks that often attempt to breach into critical private information or gain control of the internal systems.

The act of providing trust of the information, that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the information are not violated. For example, ensuring that data is not lost when critical issues arise. Since most…

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