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Information on Business and History Arthur J. Rosenberg founded Tyco International in 1960 as an investment and holding company concentrated on solid-state science and energy conversion. As a way to improve the company in 1982, it was separated into three different business segments, which are fire protection, electronics and packaging. Again in the early 1990s it was reorganized into electrical and electronic components, health-care and specialty products, fire and security services, and flow control (Tyco International: Leadership Crisis, n.d.). Tyco is one of the largest fire safety and security companies in the world. Serving and protecting more than three million industrial, commercial and residential customers worldwide Tyco has made its way to the top. Tyco also has a diverse group of over 69,000 employees that are a mix of scientists, engineers, sales professionals, technicians and business leaders. Currently, Tyco has over 1,000 locations in about 50 different countries across the world. Tyco’s United States headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey while the company’s corporate headquarters are in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Tyco International has grown over the decades and is top in their industry.
Summary of Crisis
During the leadership of Tyco’s CEO Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco International faced a very huge crisis within the organization. Dennis Kozlowski started his Tyco career in 1975 and climbed up the ladder and became CEO in 1992. Kozlowski’s approach to…

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