Information Management Is The Foundation For A Successful Organization

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Information management is the foundation for a successful organization. Therefore, it should “be treated in the same manner as other valuable assets” of a company (Bentley, 2015). Information management requires careful handling, “thoughtful governance, and strategic consideration in” its use and control (Bentley, 2015). Organization that fail at establishing and implementing successful information management policies and practices, suffer from effective time management and making important decisions. Also, when relevant information isn’t shared across business, members lose trust and faith in the validity of the organization; and the enterprise losses profits and revenue. Moreover, “skillful information management improves organizational efficiency,” provides a “measurable competitive advantage, risk mitigation, data-driven decision support, and internal transparency” (Bentley, 2015).
This TED Talk framework outline will provide Kaplan University interns with proven methods of effectively managing information for the benefit of teams, course management, and the University. Topics of discussion include the planning of information, information control systems, an information management strategy, and the effects of information management of firm performance. Furthermore, this script will discuss the ethical principles, concept, and strategic involvement of information management in an organization.
James Robertson relates to, “Information management is an umbrella…

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