Information From Website For Nutritional Counseling And The National Organization Of Food And Nutrition Professionals

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Website 1:

Information from website: I know the validity of this website because it shows on the website the credentials, accreditation, their policies, the work they do on the website, and give links to each of them. They have tons of journals and articles that are from professionals and have many detailed links on their website that takes you to specific journals and articles based on your search. They have a peer review link and an accreditation link that both explain what their website is about and their credibility. They have a specific link in which you can “Ask an Expert” for nutritional counseling and is available right through the website. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is also the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals and as of now has over 75,000 members. They aren’t just a website but a group and are “committed to improving the nation 's health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy.” This website isn’t just valid but a great source to go look at real information. (accreditation) (peer reviews)

I liked this website because it has so many options based on what you want to know. They have three different websites combined in one and on each website is valuable information that is backed up with…

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