Essay about Information And Information Technology ( Ict )

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Over recent years there has been a widespread debate regarding how information and communication technology (ICT), has changed or altered the face of U.S. society and economy. A wide number of industries have been observed to adopt and implement the initiatives of wireless business so as to facilitate a better and enhanced management of their internal business processes. In rural are of United States (U.S.), the onset of globalization coupled with labor saving technologies can be said to create considerable market disruptions. On one hand it has resulted in immense growth and development prospects for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. On the other hand such market disruptions have resulted in squeezing of labor inefficiencies and resources which in turn, has closed down many rural factories. The research paper has significantly highlighted and showcased the overall acknowledgement and attention that communication and information technology (ICT) has received owing to its high potential in presenting growth and development opportunities for underserved and rural settings. In this respect, it can be essentially inferred that the provided research paper has significantly aimed to analyze how adoption and implementation of new and advanced technology in the fields of mobile commerce can prove to be major catalyst in enhancement of the overall quality and eminence of life and also the overall reduction of digital divides. The overall research has aimed to analyze…

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