Information Analysis : Equipment Telematics Essay

1133 Words Oct 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Equipment telematics by definition is a combination of GPS technology, diagnostic sensors and monitoring sensors to track, log and report important information via cellular networks. This vital information contains performance and operation data pertaining to each piece of equipment. The data from these telematics systems are accessed through an internet portal and breaks down the retrieved information into categories. Farm equipment has entered an era of improved technology because of telematics. The combined systems technology provided by telematics has enabled large-scale farmers and industrial businesses to manage their equipment more efficiently and limit major repairs and repair times. Equipment owners are experiencing a multitude of benefits including, but not limited to, improved productivity and a reduction in operating costs. In its beginning, telematics in agriculture primarily had only location tracking capability. In the past ten years, the farming industry has seen very valuable improvements to its equipment telematics. John Deere was the telematics pioneer in 2002 with the introduction of JDLink Machine Messenger. It has since been replaced with a more efficient and user-friendly program. It also now offers remote diagnostics, expanded wireless capabilities as well as an optional satellite module for areas with inadequate cellular signals. The up-to-date telematics system offered by John Deere is machine-specific and will allow for real time alerts…

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